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Special Report Transcript Episode 19, Section 3, Time 14:02

We do a reconnaissance coming into the stadium, at about 50 meters along the fence that way you find 10 meters of this fence has collapsed, it’s lying flat, with very easy access, a huge gap to come through if the march decides to do so and move in that direction, west, away from where the soldiers are deployed by the road. We look at this fence, we see this is possible. We talk about it. Is it a trap? We look around. There’s no sign of any troops this side. What we then do is we proceed back in this bakkie, back to the march that’s now ten minutes down the road. We have a quick discussion, we’re reporting to the leadership on the march. We tell them what we’ve seen. We explain the possibility and the decision is then taken, we’ll take this through, this is the way to go into Bisho. // You were going to do that although you knew that was restricted by the border. // Oh of course, I mean that’s clear.

Notes: Ronnie Kasrils interviewed by Jann Turner from Bisho stadium

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