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Special Report Transcript Episode 2, Section 10, Time 30:08

Anton Lubowski is dead; he cannot explain his own affairs to us. In the murky world of spies and agents, it is easy to accuse someone of being an informer. More difficult to prove that he was not, but in this case there are simply too many oddities, inconsistencies and unanswered questions for Malan’s allegation to have any truth. // The first question is obvious, why on earth would the Defence Force kill one of their own key agents who, according to Malan, did good work for them? The second question is why did the Defence Force, which has run many successful spies before, pay Lubowski directly with this cheque in his name and these ones in the name of his trust for his children that he controlled. Even on the military requisition forms the name Anton appears. If he had been a South African military agent he would have been a major catch, he was one of the main organisers of SWAPO’s election campaign, he was in the running to be justice minister in the first SWAPO cabinet. Is it conceivable that they could have been this sloppy?

Notes: Du Preez in studio; Anton Lubowski; Cheques; Anton Lubowski, SWAPO

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