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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 11 of Episode 2

37:20The name of Eastern Cape police colonel Gideon Niewoudt was mentioned again this week. This time the accusation was almost more sinister than torture. The cruel trick of branding an anti-apartheid activist an informer as happened with Lubowski has destroyed many lives, some literally.Full Transcript and References
37:39Zenzile May was a student in Port Elizabeth, as a member of COSAS, the Congress of South African students, he was a matter of course beaten up and detained. But something else happened that changed his life completely. It began in Queenstown in 1979. // At one stage they took me from my cell in the afternoon, they made me to put on a police camouflage and then they put a balaclava over my face and then they drove me out of the police station into an isolated spot. I was handcuffed and I had leg irons on. They repeated the same questions and then they said that they were going to shoot me if I don’t tell them that and they would tell the public that I ran away from the police station a long time ago and I’ve come back being a well-trained ANC terrorist. Because there was nobody who knew that I was being held, so they would shoot me and leave me there. But I said to them, I’ve got nothing to tell them and then they asked if I could be their informer and then I would be paid for ...moreFull Transcript
39:08Then there was an attempt to get his handwriting whilst he was being held. // When they detained me that evening they made me to write certain sentences repeatedly. I was writing on an A4 page and at the bottom of the page they asked me to sign. // He was also reminded of Siphiwo Mtimkulu’s fate: thallium poisoning. // Mr. Roelofse said to me, do you see what we have done to Siphiwo Mtimkulu? He can’t do anything now, he is just useless. And if you do not want to work for us, we are going to do the same thing to you. Then I said to them, well I am used to being tortured and I’m used to being detained, so, there is nothing that can make me work for them at this stage. So they said, OK, they will deal with me. And then they released me at the early hours of the day and then after about two weeks I heard from other COSAS members that there was a receipt that was dropped at the place that we use to frequent in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. And this receipt had my name on it and a ...moreFull Transcript
40:27Tango Lamane a fellow member of COSAS tells more of the police setup of Zenzile. // On this night, they arrived at the house and there were few other comrades with us in the house. Zenzile was not there. So, they got in there, there were some two or three other black security policemen with them, and some white security policeman. The only one I can remember now is Gideon Niewoudt. Niewoudt had a packet of cigarettes in his shirt, in his pocket in front. So, he took out this packet of cigarettes, and there were small other, small white papers. So, he took out this packet of cigarettes and these small pieces of paper, then he put them on the floor. After some time, they said, ok they’re leaving now. As they were leaving, so Niewoudt bent down to pick up the packet of cigarettes and the small pieces of paper. I was standing across him, on the other side, so as he was picking up this packet of cigarettes and pieces of paper he left one piece of paper on the floor. He took all the ...moreFull Transcript
42:26With this alleged incriminating receipt Zenzile’s life was now in danger from his own comrades. He dropped out of sight, but his political career had ended and with it his good reputation as an activist. Full Transcript
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