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Special Report Transcript Episode 2, Section 4, Time 07:12

The Soweto uprising of June ’76 sparked off similar protests across the country. Youth nationwide came out in solidarity and engaged in street battles with police. By August and September of that year clashes between police and students reached crisis point in the townships of the Cape Peninsula. Police acted ruthlessly, killing 12 and wounding 40. In Gugulethu on the 16th of September Sunnyboy Zansi, aged 15, became one of the casualties. He was shot in the head. Mrs. Regina Gwayi, a neighbour, witnessed from a window how Sunnyboy and his friend came running to hide in a backyard and his subsequent killing by police. // We saw a white man; he stood next to the bathroom, the bathroom of no 47. I stay at no 48. This white man shot with something. We saw him dragging two of the children, one was already dead.

Notes: Historical film footage: Uprisings following June ’76; TRC testimony: Regina Gwayi

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