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A listing of transcripts of the dialogue and narrative of this section.


The list provides the transcript, info about the text, and links to references contained in the text.

Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 2

09:24The unspoken found a faltering voice: necklacing, the shame of the comrades. Mbulelo Dulato was burned to death for breaking a consumer boycott in Colesburg in 1985. // Can you tell us what you saw what happened? // She was on her way to work, young men approached her. There were five. When they saw her they chased her, she went to hide in another house. They took her out of that house. They took her overall, and they poured her with petrol bomb. One of them held her feet, and then they started igniting her feet. They were beating her up. They beat her up and they put a tyre on her. There was nobody who could stop this. Full Transcript and References
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