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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 2

10:55Mrs Gonile, Cynthia Ngebwa, Irene Mxinwa and Eunice Miya, four of the mothers of seven young men who were shot dead in Gugulethu ten years ago still don’t know the full truth behind the death of their sons. // But the worst part was to actually see this in the newspapers and the TV. When we saw our children lying on the ground.Full Transcript and References
11:17Early on March 3, 1986 seven young men were shot dead here in NY1 Gugulethu. The police say they received information of a planned attack and laid a counter ambush. According to the police, seven youths in a white minibus opened fire with small handguns and an AK47. They also threw a hand grenade. The police retaliated by killing all seven. At the inquests witnesses testify that one of the men was shot with his hands up as those surrendering. Another was killed as he lay on the ground. Full Transcript
11:50If somebody puts his arms up he’s actually giving up, he’s giving himself up and he says that I am defenceless. But the police kept on. He was my only son. // Tony Weaver, then deputy news editor of the Cape Times, enlarges on a police cover up. // And unfortunately for them, Chris Bateman who reported on the Cape Times went to the scene; he spoke fluent Zulu, found three eye witnesses to the shootings. // No policeman came to me to tell me anything. I saw it with my own eyes on TV, that’s the time I collapsed. // There was not even one policeman who came to inform me about this. // I went to see the mother of Jabulani Miya and of Christopher Piet. I was the first person who’d been to see them of any … I wasn’t an official, I was a journalist, but nobody else had been to see them. // At the inquests even less was understood. // What I saw at Wynberg, Afrikaans was spoken a lot and there were no interpreters and we could only hear here and there, we didn’t really ...moreFull Transcript
13:38The anger and anguish of not knowing what happened remains. // Why did the Boers kill everyone? Couldn’t they just warn them or even shoot them on their legs just to save their lives? Didn’t these police have any feelings at all? Why did they kill everyone, absolutely everyone, not to leave even one to give witness. Now nobody knows the real, real story.Full Transcript
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