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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 8 of Episode 2

14:06By March 1986, the planned forced removal to Khayelitsha took an ugly turn. The combination of vigilante wit doek and police activity designed to flush out progressives as well as affect the state’s removals, led to open warfare between the comrades and ”fathers.” The result: Many homes burnt down, 50 000 homeless, countless deaths. Lenox Maphalane was on his way home to his mother when he was killed.Full Transcript and References
14:33There was this particular police who was always everywhere especially among the blacks. A certain group that would be victorious out of all this groups he would be … this policeman were just shooting at the children and he was accompanied by other police. // Are you saying some of the children were also involved in this fighting? // Yes, the children were helping the people of the community. What I can say to you is I am very happy to be here to be called by the Commission, so that the whole world can see and hear how our children died. I do not think that the children of these policemen could be shot by this police at 15. My son was 15 years. If people throw stones to somebody, those people should just be arrested instead of being shot on the heads and the chest.Full Transcript and References
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