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Special Report Transcript Episode 2, Section 9, Time 17:03

I heard voices outside shouting, ‘kom uit jou vark, vandag is jou laaste, vandag is jy dood’ [Come out, you pig! Today will be your last; you’re going to die today!]. // MK cadre, Anton Fransch died that day. Terrorist to some but hero to most young people of the Cape Flats. // Basil Snayer lives at 148, Church street, the house next door. // They had methods of dispersing thousands of people in the street in a matter of minutes. They took seven hours in what could only be described as declaring a residential area a war zone. I am convinced that if the will was there Anton could have been gassed out, starved out if it took seven days. The impressions created by claims that young cadres like Anton and Ashley Kriel, Robbie Waterwitch, Coline Williams and many, many others were communists or young people misguided by communists, that myth should be exploded once and for all. I believe that a brave soldier died in the service of his country.

Notes: TRC testimony: Basil Snayer; Photograph of Anton Fransch on stretcher; Basil Snayer

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