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Special Report Transcript Episode 20, Section 2, Time 07:05

They may well be interested parties who would have been or who even did try to prevail upon De Kock not to talk. I am more than satisfied on reports that I have that there are clearly interested parties who would have preferred that he does not talk. He is now giving evidence under oath. He gives evidence - he’s going to be cross examined and all that - but he gives evidence which is not hearsay evidence, most of it. In relation to which he says ‘I have firsthand information about this.’ Now, of course the persons that he mentions will say ‘oh well he’s not saying something new.’ But he now adds an additional voice to what was said by the other witnesses who were testifying against him, in relation to those people. // It’s now more than an allegation. // It’s more than an allegation and it’s being said under oath. // Do you think this could be a kind of opening of the flood gates, of people talking? // It should and I would hope it does. In fact, I would hope that the generals begin to see that maybe it is time for them, or one of them, to come and make a clean breast of things.

Notes: Dumisa Ntsebeza

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