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Special Report Transcript Episode 20, Section 2, Time 09:56

Mr. Justice Willem van der Merwe will soon have to decide, is Eugene de Kock simply a cold blooded serial killer or a victim of a vicious system that used and abused him, or perhaps both. Hopefully this is a beginning of a new era of truth. There are dozens of men, politicians, generals and policemen who should now get the message very clearly. Come forward, stop the lies and confess or face exposure and prosecution. As Truth Commissioner Dumisa Ntsebeza said earlier, the De Kock trial will influence the Truth Commission process. It will certainly influence the submission the former commissioners of police are going to make to the Truth Commission a week from tomorrow. I spoke to Mr. Ntsebeza about this and other matters, such as the rumour that Deputy President Thabo Mbeki had made a deal with the apartheid generals.

Notes: Max du Preez

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