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Special Report Transcript Episode 21, Section 3, Time 14:38

In Boitumelong in 1993 the ANC started a consumer boycott of the white town Bloemhof. The Indian community pledged its support. Styles Haffejee, a devout Muslim paid dearly for this. // I noticed a vehicle coming up to our area, the only vehicle for the day, a blue Toyota bakkie. Came in at high speed, reversed itself. Out jumped two white men, with sporties or half balaclavas on. Sporties I think. He had a bag, a big white plastic bag, you couldn’t see through. They came into the shop. Now you must imagine that the shop was full of customers, Saturday afternoon. They ripped open the bag, my wife is busy on the phone, and they said ‘dit is vir jou’ [this is for you]. They let out a pig, a live pig in my shop. But to me as a Muslim, I belong to the faith of Islam, I’m a Muslim, it was one of the deepest, most unjust cruelest forms of a thing which can be done to another person.

Notes: TRC testimony: Styles Haffejee

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