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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 2 of Episode 23

00:52Brigadier Jack Cronje, Vlakplaas commander from 1983 to 1985. Colonel Roelf Venter, Vlakplaas officer in 1984 and ’85. Captain Wouter Mentz, based at Vlakplaas from 1989 to ’92, contemporary of Eugene de Kock. Captain Jacques Hechter. Warrant officer Paul van Vuuren. These former police security branch officers will testify next week about bombings, petrol bombings, murder and weapon smuggling. They will be asked about the deaths of the Pebco three, Dr Fabian Ribeiro, KwaNdebele cabinet minister Piet Ntuli and 40 other killings including 18 murders in Mamelodi on two separate incidents. These men have come forward on their own. Others had to be encouraged to do so. Almost two and a half years after the Goldstone Commission found evidence that general Basie Smit and general Krappies Engelbrecht were involved in supplying arms to Inkatha, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission subpoenaed them to testify.Full Transcript and References
02:08Revelations of police involvement in violence and weapon supply has met with a denial from KwaZulu chief minister Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi on the one hand while on the other the ANC is convinced that this confirms the existence of the so-called third force. The revelations came to light at a joint news conference by state president FW de Klerk and mister Justice Richard Goldstone yesterday. // The 36 page interim report contained allegations involving top police officials including deputy police commissioner Lt-Gen Basie Smit, CID Chief Lt-Gen Johan le Roux and head of the police counter intelligence division, Maj-Genl Krappies Engelbrecht. They and the other police officers named in the report were placed on immediate leave. Police units implicated were the old Vlakplaas units C10, the East Rand Murder and Robbery Squad and the Durban Security Branch as well as the KwaZulu police. The report is based on information received from a police officer only identified as Q. It is alleged ...moreFull Transcript and References
03:23It is only now, two and a half years and the Eugene de Kock trial later, that the full picture is emerging and it is one of not only gun running but also murder, bombings, torture, kidnapping and fraud. Did these two men give birth to the third force in South Africa by ordering Eugene de Kock and his men to arm and train Inkatha? Was the security police behind the train violence of the early nineties, and involved in massacres like Boipatong? To what extend did they order or approve the wave of mayhem and destruction committed by De Kock and his men over a period of nearly ten years? And above all, they must be able to tell the Truth Commission whether politicians like Adriaan Vlok and PW Botha knew of and ordered certain operations. General Engelbrecht was known as the Vlakplaas sweeper. He was the policeman who had to cover up police death squad operations investigated by the Harms Commission in 1990. He was present when security police top command ordered the murder of policeman ...moreFull Transcript and References
06:04Neither we nor they are playing to a gallery. You are there for the specific purpose of getting information. It’ll be a shame if they did not use the opportunity to speak openly, because we are not looking for prosecution, we are looking for the truth so that ultimately we are able to get the country healed.Full Transcript
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