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Special Report Transcript Episode 23, Section 5, Time 28:08

The route out was through Lesotho. From there the UN High Commission for refugees arranged passage to Zambia where the 14 to 20 year olds were welcomed by the ANC. Once in the ANC’s transit camps these youngsters were faced with a choice: they could go to school or to the army. Most of the exiters from Thabong ended up in MK. Joyce Modikeng’s brother, Moses Gadebe was killed in a UNITA ambush in Angola. It wasn’t until 1991, once the ANC was unbanned and the exiles were coming home, that the families of those killed during the battles of the eighties were informed of their loved ones’ deaths. The fact that the families were told so late and so little has left a bitter taste.

Notes: MK Training camp; List of ANC members who died in exile

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