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Special Report Transcript Episode 23, Section 5, Time 35:58

Sipho Mutsi knew that beating and torture were in store for him. What he couldn’t know was that this time the [inaudible] than routine. // On this day, the 4th of May, it was just after breakfast, I saw comrade Sipho passing by the door. It was this steel door. The door was still open but the burglar door was closed. Comrade Sipho passed and he greeted me. We used to call each other by names. He used to say I’m ‘Malapropism’ and I used to call him ‘Mister No Problem.’ As I was standing at the door, because we’d been in the cells for quite some time, he passed and he greeted me by the name I’ve just mentioned and I greeted him back. And I could see he was handcuffed at the back. // When the police were taking me from my cell they said I should come and see what is happening to Sipho. He had a cut beneath his chin. The time when I was in there Sithole took the sjambok and hit him. Sipho seemed to be the person who was already beaten before I arrived. One of the policemen was a white one, instructed Sipho to stand up. Then he kicked very hard to Sipho. Every time I asked them not to continue beating him.

Notes: Photo of Sipho held by his mother; TRC testimony: Patrick Motshedi; TRC testimony: Sello Dithebe

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