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Special Report Transcript Episode 24, Section 6, Time 33:05

I think there is only one way to go and that is to go to the Commission. We have been treated very well by the Commission. They stand for reconciliation. They want the truth to come out and for the past to be buried. // What is it that you and your team want to tell the Amnesty Committee? // We want to tell them how we worked and for whom. I am really going to tell the whole truth because I think the past must now be put behind us. // Let’s talk about the previous government. Did you get any help or support from them when things started going wrong? // Absolutely nothing. It looks as if De Klerk and his cabinet are just busy back paddling. They want nothing to do with us because they know very well that they are the ones who gave the commands. // There’s a saying in Afrikaans I want to ask you about. Are you ashamed of the past and scared of the future? // I am not ashamed of having been a policeman. I am ashamed of having worked for a system that is forsaking us, that is not prepared to stand up for us. At least the ANC stands behind their people. Nelson Mandela looks after his people. But we have just been left like that. // Next week when you go and explain what you did, how it worked and what the system was like … Do you think most of the black people in the country will understand? // I believe they will understand. They will understand that I fought and worked for a system that, according to me, was hopelessly inadequate and did not work at all. And I am sorry that I worked for that system. // You speak of sorry … I understand that a number of murders will come up next week. And I ask many policemen this question. They can say they are proud of their careers but in that moment when you lay on your deathbed you are going to wonder about the people who were murdered and tortured. What is your personal feeling? // I am sorry for the victims and the family of the victims. Because at the end of the day they did not fight in the war. So in that regard I am sorry. I am sorry for them, for the people who had to suffer. And I apologise. // If you look back, was it worth it? // Not at all. The system did not work and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in this position. // What is your advice to colleagues? // I want to say to my colleagues I have been treated well by the TRC. I advise them to come forward and despite the threats of any A-G to arrest them to come forward and to talk to the Truth Commission. They can call me or my lawyer. They know where to find us. We will help them. I will stand by them.

Notes: Brig Jack Cronje; Max du Preez

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