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Special Report Transcript Episode 25, Section 2, Time 08:22

In 1977, the very next year, an assassination attempt was made on me. We were at home, my husband and I, telling stories to my nieces who had been staying with me at the time, when my daughter Sheraaz sounded the alarm that our garage was on fire. This immediately got me rushing to the door. Fortunately for me, staying with us at the time was a friend, Zwelini Nkoba and he preceded me by seconds or minutes to the door. He is a tall man; I am a short woman as is obvious. And he was shot twice on the shoulder and when I got to the door he was already lying there bleeding, and he said to me. Please go away, they are calling your name and they are swearing at you. Had I been the first to open the door I would have been shot in the head and I would not have been here today to tell the story.

Notes: TRC testimony: Fatima Meer

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