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Special Report Transcript Episode 25, Section 2, Time 05:00

There is something we do not understand. We need to know who it was who pulled that trigger. We know that the events of that night are known to the people who watched us. // It seems to me more than strange that the Durban murder and robbery unit, a unit with an excellent record of solving crimes has never come up with even a strong lead let alone a murderer. It was rare for the killer of a white person in a white neighbourhood in 1978 not to be apprehended. Even more unusual when the victim was under surveillance, as we know my father has been almost constantly for at least five years. An ex BOSS agent, Martin Dolinscheck recently pointed out to me that surveillance could be withdrawn and was often withdrawn if necessary. Was our house under surveillance the night my father was killed? If not, who called it off? Whoever killed my father did so with extreme efficiency and had the best assistance in covering up their tracks. It seems to me that the only people capable of acting in such a way were the members or the handle operatives of the then BOSS or security police. I want to know who killed my father and why? I don’t expect you to come up with a killer but I do expect you to try and investigate his murder.

Notes: TRC testimony: Foszia Turner-Stylianou; Jann Turner

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