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Special Report Transcript Episode 25, Section 4, Time 22:16

After analyzing the situation in the Republic during 1983 and again in 1985 the ANC came to the conclusion that the masses had entered a new era in their struggle. It foresaw political demonstrations followed by semi-armed actions by the masses using rudimentary weapons at first, such as sticks, stones and pangas. During 1983 the political military council of the ANC issued a document planning for people’s war. According to this document the ANC directed its attention towards a protected guerrilla war, mass uprising, arming the masses and preparing them for a people’s war for the establishment of alternative structures and the revolutionary basis. In this document the ANC visualized accelerating the activation of the masses in proceeding from peaceful non-violent political demonstrations to demonstrations with emphasis on violence and insurrection. The stone was ultimately to be replaced by a petrol bomb, acid bomb and hand grenade while firearms such as the AK47 assault rifle became a substitute for the stick and panga.

Notes: TRC testimony: Gen Johan van der Merwe

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a large knife used as both a tool and a weapon
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