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Special Report Transcript Episode 25, Section 5, Time 32:49

In June 1986 South Africans watched in horror as a woman got burnt to death, on television. Maki Skosana’s very public necklacing started a whole new trend. But few people know about the events which led to this killing frenzy in Duduza on the East Rand. // Joe Mamasela, former Vlakplaas operative, was the first to explain his complicity in the gruesome deaths of eight people on the East Rand in 1986. But he is not the only guilty one. The steps of the other accomplices can be traced right to the top of the former nationalist government.

Notes: TRC sketches: Joe Mamasela

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TRC Victims
Was ‘necklaced’ and her body mutilated by named perpetrators on 20 July 1985 in Duduza, Nigel, Transvaal, after the funeral of four youth activists. She was accused of being a police informer.
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