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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 25

39:19There were high expectations that the disappearance of the three Port Elizabeth activists known as the Pebco three would finally be resolved this week. It did not happen. Col Roelf Venter, a former Vlakplaas officer only admitted to being part of the abduction of the men.Full Transcript and References
39:37At the first hearing of the Truth Commission in April this year three widows testified about the disappearance of their husbands, known as the Pebco three. The men, Qaqawuli Godolozi, Sipho Hashe and Champion Galela were UDF activists who led the Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organisation. They were abducted on the 8th of May 1985 and never returned home. In the first programme of the Truth Commission Special Report it was revealed how the men were tortured and killed.Full Transcript
40:07Lieutenant Niewoudt beat them up with an iron pipe into their heads so severely that… They were kicked, they were punched, they were stomped on; they were jumped over their heads. And they were killed. Yes they died, they died one by one.Full Transcript
40:27But officially the widows have never been informed of the death of their husbands or what happened to the bodies. They expected to hear the truth from amnesty applicant Col Roelf Venter in Johannesburg this week.Full Transcript
40:40As far as I’m concerned there was complicity on my part in their removal and abduction, but I was not involved in their murder, I don’t know who killed them, how they were killed and what happened to the bodies. But I’m asking that I be excused for murder because I was the first person who acted to remove them.Full Transcript
41:08We need to know what happened to him, who is responsible, where are they buried so that we can pick up the pieces and give them a decent burial. That’s all we need from them. But he could not give us that. Full Transcript
41:21Venter’s submissions are disappointing to say the least. Venter has not furnished this Committee with any information in addition to the revelations made by the Vlakplaas operatives outside of this Commission. In fact he has not even associated himself with the allegations made by these operatives. Full Transcript
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