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Special Report Transcript Episode 26, Section 2, Time 11:52

We showed last week that evil perpetrated by the security police was slowly being uncovered there have been no confessions from the Defence Force side. Well, the police are now fingering the Defence Force because in the mid 1980s all the clandestine units of the state started working together to eliminate those who oppose the National Party state. On the police side it was the security police and Vlakplaas, on the military side it was special forces, Military Intelligence, the Directorate Covert Collection and that sinister band with the cynical name, the Civil Cooperation Bureau the CCB. This is the only image of the shady CCB commander, Joe Verster ever seen in public. We heard this week that he supplied the bomb that killed homeland leader, Piet Ntuli. And special forces were named as the killers of Fabian and Florence Ribeiro.

Notes: Max du Preez; Photo: Joe Verster

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a farm near Pretoria used as a base for police hit squads
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