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Special Report Transcript Episode 26, Section 3, Time 13:26

Chris Ribeiro was the first person on the scene. He was standing in the street when he saw them coming out of the yard. They shot at him and he ran back to the house where he found his parents. // When I came in I found my father slumped at the drain and my mother lying over here spread eagled here. My father was lying over here, his one leg this way and the other one crumpled under him and with his back against the wall. My father had about 20 15 bullet holes in his head. I held my mother in my arms and she just sighed and that was her last breath. // Ten years later Brigadier Jack Cronje told the Committee he was requested by special forces to compile a memorandum on Dr Ribeiro’s activities.

Notes: Chris Ribeiro // (from family home where parents were assassinated)

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