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Special Report Transcript Episode 26, Section 3, Time 14:21

Hechter told me later that Special Forces, specifically Charl Naude and one of his men, Noel Robey asked him to assist in planning the elimination of Dr Ribeiro. // The Land Rover that picked up the men was registered in the name of Noel Robey, a special forces agent. // After the act was committed, Capt Hechter told me that two black Angolans who were flown in by Special Forces from South West Africa shot Dr and Mrs. Ribeiro. // Hechter did not tell the Commission more and to the Ribeiro’s the information that did come out did not help much. They still don’t know who killed their parents.

Notes: Brig Jack Cronje (applicant); Photo of Robey; Jack Cronje; Grave stone: Florence and Fabian Ribeiro

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