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Special Report Transcript Episode 28, Section 3, Time 11:46

George Phahle had worked as a courier for the ANC underground in Botswana. But the SADF raid was by no means as surgical as the SADF claimed. In his recent court case the former commander of Vlakplaas, Eugene de Kock testified that the commandoes involved in the raid were not able to bring back any evidence that those they killed had in fact been ANC members. They found no weapons or ANC literature in the houses they attacked. The sophisticated night sight for a RP7 rocket launcher they displayed to the media had in fact been De Kock’s farewell gift from Koevoet. And the two hand grenades they produced were also on loan from the Vlakplaas arsenal.

Notes: Gravestone: ‘Victims of the 1985 South African Commando raid on Gaborone: Linda Phahle, George Phahle, Dick Mtsweni, Basi Zondi, Harry T. Mnyele, Michael F. Hanlyn, Duke Machobane

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a police counter-insurgency unit set up in South West Africa in 1979 by members of the SAP Security Branch. It comprised recruits mostly from the local population who were trained as a mobile unit to gather intelligence, track guerrillas and kill them. Koevoet (Afrikaans for 'crowbar') soon gained ...
a farm near Pretoria used as a base for police hit squads
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