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Special Report Transcript Episode 29, Section 2, Time 04:58

On the evening of the 27th, that’s the Tuesday, that’s when the big meeting was held at Ntombela’s house. I drove past there at about half past six that evening and saw a large number of vehicles there. Wednesday morning the 28th they summoned everybody from this area to his home. In the morning and when they arrived there, there were trucks from Table Mountain area carrying more men, reinforcements. The beginning of UDF territory, or Amaqabani territory from here down into the valley. And this is where the first attacks took place on the 28th of March 1990. This is Gezabuso and you’ll see on the hill opposite many of the houses that were destroyed are no more. Further across to the left you can’t see too well from here, is KwaShange, there were big attacks there too.

Notes: Rev Tim Smith

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