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Special Report Transcript Episode 3, Section 2, Time 04:42

J Strydom, he was not in a position to conclude that any person was to blame for my father’s death. That surprised us. // Ben Kgoathe and his family had reason to be surprised by this inquest finding. His father, Nicodimas Kgoathe, also died in police custody, three years after Saloojee. He was said to have slipped on a bar of soap while bathing. He sustained head injuries and developed pneumonia the court said. This, despite evidence by at least two doctors, that Nicodimas had been tortured before his death. // The first evidence was given by Dr PJ Joubert who was the District Surgeon. He spoke how he saw … when he examined my late father. // What were his findings? // They found my father had a lot of marks, that he’d been whipped with a sjambok, he had also been beaten with the buckle of a belt on his body. Even the doctor, Joubert, had also been told by my father before he died that he’d slipped from a soap, but when the doctor said, ‘No, no, no this couldn’t have been’ my father changed the statement.

Notes: TRC testimony: Ben Kgoathe (son); Du Preez; TRC testimony: Ben Kgoathe (son); Commissioner; Kgoathe

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a long whip, originally of rhino hide
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