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Special Report Transcript Episode 3, Section 3, Time 11:04

It was the first of May 1989 which is seven years ago this week and it was a public holiday, almost the first real workers day. David and I left the house early in the morning with our two dogs to go running in David’s bakkie. And we returned to the house at about ten o’clock in the morning. David was driving, he parked the car in our street in front of our house and he got out of the car to go round to the back to let the dogs out the car. And I was getting out more slowly on the passenger side and I was aware of a car coming down the street and then I heard what I thought was a car backfiring and it accelerated down the street. And it was only afterwards I realised something was wrong when I saw David was staggering. And he was holding his chest in the front, and he said, I’ve been shot by a shotgun, get an ambulance. So David obviously saw his killers, he saw the weapon that killed him.

Notes: TRC testimony: Maggie Friedman (partner)

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