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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 3

30:46Church street, Pretoria 1983. Amanzimtoti, 1985. ANC bombs remind ordinary white South Africans there is war. // The bomb that caused the biggest emotional outcry exploded in Church Street, Pretoria, in the late afternoon of May 20. 1983. 19 People were killed and 219 injured. The ANC claimed responsibility. Aimed at military personnel it was mainly civilians who were injured and killed. The two men who set the bomb also died in the blast. James Simpson worked in the building across the way from the blast and considers himself lucky to have escaped with minor injuries. // Can you tell us what you expect from the Commission? // I think that the people who were responsible for this should be apprehended, they should be brought to justice, and be punished. That is my opinion. // But you say that the findings already made that the two people who had planted the bomb have already been killed, they’re already dead. // Yes, but those are not the people who actually gave the order to ...moreFull Transcript and References
33:22Two years later the Sanlam centre in Amanzimtoti was full of Christmas holiday makers and shoppers when a bomb hidden in the arcade went off. The ANC claimed responsibility, and later a youth Andrew Zondo was arrested, charged and hanged for the offence. Five people died in the blast, among them Cornelius Smit. He was eight years old. At the time his father shocked many white South Africans by what he said. // I told the newspapers that I thought my son was a hero because he died for freedom for people that were oppressed. Many people condemned me, but I still feel that way today. I feel that few white people would ever have found out what it was all about if somebody didn’t have the courage to stand and say, ‘this is for freedom.’ Everyone branded the ANC as terrorists and never saw the other side of the coin. // Bishop Tutu’s reply to his testimony reinforced the belief that reconciliation lies with the ordinary South African. // The reason why we still have this hope ...moreFull Transcript and References
35:33And then there was the Potchefstroom bomb in October 1988, planted in a building that housed the security police. Whose work was this? In the mind of Michael Meyer it was an example of third force activities. // If it was an ANC bomb, my colleague who was the previous witness, came to explain to me they used a different kind of explosive device, not used by the military or the police. And I also received a letter from Brigadier in the regional court the security branch. They said they didn’t know who was responsible for this attack. If there was a policy of detonating bombs and of committing sabotage I believe that it falls within the ambit of this Commission’s terms of reference to investigate this and to reopen the docket to be able to ascertain what the position now is. Full Transcript and References
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