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Special Report Transcript Episode 3, Section 6, Time 36:35

It turned out to be a very appropriate name, Mbokodo, the stone that crushes. The name of the ANC’s security department while the ANC was still in exile in neighbouring states. The infiltration of South African government spies led to paranoia and the resulting rehabilitation camps became places of torture, humiliation and disappearances. // George Dube’s first run-in with ANC security was when he complained about food and conditions in camp. He ended up in the infamous Quatro camp at Quibaxe in Angola under the suspicion of being a spy. // We did hard labour, you worked like a pig with a shovel from morning to sunset, or else you’re chopping wood from morning to sunset. Hot as it is in Luanda, you know, it’s a hot climate there. Then, afterward you don’t have water to wash, they don’t have a pump here, the water comes with a tank, it’s for the officers, for cooking and for washing. You can spend a month or two without washing. We were being beaten almost every day working there. We were always swollen, swollen eyes, swollen mouths and swollen buttocks; we were being beaten with these sticks of coffee trees. So I was [inaudible] at 11 o’clock, there I was beaten at night, I was beaten. // They told me to strip my clothing off and remain in my underwear, I did so. You lie on your stomach and pick your legs up like this, shoes … the boots out. Then they hit me with the electric cord under the feet there, then my feet would cut, like I was being cut by razors.

Notes: Max de Preez; MK training camp; TRC testimony: George Dube

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