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Special Report Transcript Episode 3, Section 6, Time 38:27

Konyimane Ranyaka was a MK cadre who disappeared mysteriously. His brother, Molekoane has received conflicting statements from the ANC and is still seeking answers. // I’m bitter, very bitter. I know, our people, how they think you know, they mystify the ANC, they must separate the quest for democracy from irresponsible people. I am not questioning the ideals of democracy. I’ve sacrificed my youth for that. 1992 when I came back for the first time from exile, when I was here for a brief moment we tried to go to Shell House. This people, they acted the way I know, I’d knew they’d act. Because I was in Tanzania I know how ANC officials act. You see, if you are a ranking file person in the ANC, you’re nothing. You see, we used to call ourselves in Tanzania, ranking swine, you’d forgive me for saying that. That’s why I was not surprised.

Notes: TRC testimony: Molekoane Ranyaka

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TRC Victims
An MK operative who was shot dead with two other operatives by members of the SADF on 25 March 1988 near Derdepoort, Tvl, as they were infiltrating South Africa. A fourth operative was captured.
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