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Special Report Transcript Episode 30, Section 5, Time 32:57

But the answers are not that simple. At that time South Africa was uneasily edging towards a negotiated settlement in the world trade center in Kempton Park. Only a few kilometers away the Vusimuzi hostel served as a springboard for vicious attacks on the community. It was not an isolated case. In the hostels across the East Rand there originated what became simplistically known as black on black violence. Allegations of a third force, so often denied by the then government, turned out to be a fact. And because the hostels were often isolated from the communities it was from here that this third force, aided by the South African Police, could operate with impunity. One of the functions of the violence was to derail the negotiation process. The other was to make a point to the international community.

Notes: CODESA meeting

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