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Special Report Transcript Episode 31, Section 5, Time 57:34

We have come to the end of our last programme for 1996. Our first programme for 1997 will be on Sunday 26 January next year and we sincerely hope you will all join us again then. But hopefully the healing process will not take a holiday. If you are interested in the healing of the memories workshops, which deal with the emotional, spiritual and psychological effects of the apartheid years please contact the trauma centre for victims of violence and torture at the numbers now on your screen. On Tuesday I chair a debate between South Africa’s political leadership and Truth Commission Chairman, Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Please join me for the ”Tuesday Debate” at 9:30 on SABC 3. On behalf of the Special Report team we thank you for supporting our programme since April this year. We wish you peace, happiness and a good rest, until we meet again in 1997. Good night.

Notes: Max du Preez

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