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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 34

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00:17A large part of the Truth Commission’s activities revolve around human rights abuses by the policemen and soldiers of the former government. But there’s another chapter of brutality, one that has not been closed properly, the bloody conflict between supporters of the ANC and the IFP. That is our main focus tonight with accounts of the conflict between the two parties on the East Rand and the assassination of a man who fought for peace between the two groups. We also tell the story of another unaccounted death of a white soldier, this one on a secret mission in Zimbabwe. We start with the Truth Commission hearings on the East Rand. Caiphus Nyoka was a Duduza activist and even at his young age a dynamic leader respected in the townships east of Johannesburg. His life story is one of continuous harassment by the police and ends with a cold blooded execution.Full Transcript and References
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