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Special Report Transcript Episode 34, Section 5, Time 17:55

Skumbuzo was with us. He’d been sharing his programme with the group; he had just come back from a peace maker”s workshop in Johannesburg. And he said he had to leave early and a couple of minutes later we all heard a couple of shots that initially sounded like a backfiring, but within 30 seconds there were a number of other shots. And I said ”no, those are gun shots” and I ran outside to the fence and looked up and down thinking that there was something in the street. I then looked at the tree over there and saw our PACSA bakkie reversed back into the tree and I moved across to the bakkie to try and find out what was happening and inside the bakkie, lying from the driver’s seat across to the other window, I saw Skumbuzo and he was gasping and I realized that he had actually been shot. I suspect he was semi conscious. I heard him gasping and whether that was because of the blood welling up. He had I think at least five shots in his body and head.

Notes: Scene of murder; Peter Kirchoff; Police footage, 8 February 1992

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