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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 34

20:32We end tonight’s programme with accounts of the deaths of two young women. Maki Skosana was wrongfully identified as a police informer in July 1985. Her gruesome death at the hands of a frenzied mob had a profound effect on the national psyche, as it was the first necklacing seen on national television. Her sister brought her grief to the Truth Commission this week.Full Transcript and References
21:00Poverty, repression and police brutality in the 1980s. The townships on the East Rand were seething. Six COSAS leaders died in July in 1985 after being lured into launching an attack with hand grenades, booby trapped by Vlakplaas policeman Joe Mamasela. At one of their funerals Maki Skosana was fingered as the informer who gave him away to the police. Even the people who necklaced her now admit she was not an informer.Full Transcript and References
21:36When you look at your sister’s body you do feel it in your own body. You feel something as a sibling. Then I saw her body I approached her from the feet and I could identify the feet, I could identify her as my sister, but I couldn’t see her face, because there was a large rock on her face as well as her chest and I went around to try and identify the body. And I was disgusted at the way she was killed. I looked at the body… // Please take your time, don’t feel under any pressure. When you’re ready to continue… // Her legs were taken apart and there were pieces of broken glass that had been pushed into her vagina. // Maki and her family have emerged after all these disclosures as heroes. I would say this hearing and this hall have witnessed who have witnessed this testimony are witnesses of how noble Maki was and I will without shame request this house to stand and observe a moment of silence. Can we all rise? Full Transcript and References
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