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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 7 of Episode 34

23:35Between September 1984 and August 1989 771 people were necklaced or doused with fuel and burnt to death. The myth perpetuated by the state then was that this was an example of African brutality. The truth we know now is that this repulsive form of killing was first started by white Rhodesian security forces in the 1970s and then brought to South Africa by the security police. Policemen burnt Siphiwo Mtimkulu, and Topsy Mdaka to ashes in 1982, the PEBCO three in 1985 and Sizwe Kondile in 1989. May God forbid anything like this ever happening again in our land. In 1988 Mary-Anne Serrano died a different kind of death. Like Maki Skosana she was innocent, her only sin was that she sat down in a Boksburg restaurant targeted by an Umkhonto we Sizwe bomber. Someone has to answer her father’s questions. Full Transcript and References
24:48‘Good evening. A woman was killed in one of two bomb explosions on the East Rand today. She died in the Johannesburg Hospital a short while ago. At least 57 people were injured in the explosions believed to have been caused by limpet mines. One blast took place in a packed restaurant in the centre of Benoni. Four of the victims are still in a critical condition in the Johannesburg Hospital. They were airlifted by helicopters from the scene of the disaster. Their names have not yet been released. // The bomb exploded at two minutes to 12 with the popular restaurant packed to capacity. It was mayhem immediately after the blast as the injured lay around crying for help. Many people ran screaming from the scene in a state of shock. People of all races, including children were among the injured. Fire and ambulance men from Benoni and Boksburg raced to the scene and treated the injured while policemen combed the area for a second device. Traffic officials struggled to control huge crowds ...moreFull Transcript
26:08Why was a bomb placed and incidentally under the table where my daughter just happened to sit? She walked in, it was an empty table, and she sat there, to having a usual breakfast in Wimpy bar. I believe she was expecting some friends as well. I’m glad, and I always thank Lord for that, that my other two children… I never received any satisfaction, information. I still today don’t know who did it, and that is what I’m claiming from you people. I don’t even want to see the person. I’m not looking for blood, not teeth for teeth, I want to know who did it and why. What was the sense of putting a bomb in a place where there’s people of all races and all ages, particularly younger people, the future of the nation. It doesn’t matter being black, white, yellow, whatever, we’re not having that discussion, that is very good as it is now. But it is the new people that will continue with the nation.Full Transcript
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