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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 35

05:48This week’s amnesty hearings were disappointing as most of the scheduled applications had to be postponed to a later date. Most of the applicants arrived at the hearings without legal representation and in some cases the victims’ families were not present. Another problem at the hearings seemed to be that the lawyers representing applicants still find it difficult to interpret the conditions for amnesty laid down in the Truth and Reconciliation Act. We asked the Chairperson of the Amnesty Committee to explain some of these problems.Full Transcript and References
06:18Why does the Committee place so much emphasis on legal representation of applicants even in cases where it holds up the proceedings for a day when applicants don’t know where their representatives are? // Well, the ground or refusal for amnesty is a matter of grave consequence to an applicant if he has already been convicted and is serving a long term of imprisonment and it is I think in our opinion very important that he should be represented so that his case can be put forward as best as it ought to be. A number of the applicants might not be particularly well educated people, might not be sufficiently sophisticated in matters of this kind, so it is important that they should. // Could you give us an idea of what is meant by full disclosure? There seem to be some confusion even with lawyers representing applicants as to what full disclosure means. // When an applicant is required to make a full disclosure he’s required to show as fully as he can whatever part he has played in ...moreFull Transcript
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