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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 4, Time 11:44

To qualify for protection witnesses have to fulfil certain requirements. // The requirements are that the evidence which the person wishes to place before the Commission must be truthful. Secondly, the person must be in danger as a result of that evidence. // When a person’s life is in danger the first priority is to try and protect the witness within his or her own community. Usually structures like community policing forums or the local police are used. This means that the witness can be protected in their own home with the advantage that the person’s home life is not disrupted. In very serious cases however witnesses are placed in safe houses. In this controlled environment witnesses are taken away from their homes to a different place where they are guarded and not allowed contact with people outside. The witness protection team consists of six people. With the exception of Chris Macadam, a former deputy Attorney-General, all of them have been seconded from the police for the duration of the Commission.

Notes: Chris Macadam (witness protector); Reporter

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