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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 5, Time 17:50

A year later Matthew Goniwe was dead. But he left one more comrade in his wake. Xolile became a fiery leader in Middelburg, the security police headquarters for surrounding rural towns. Like Goniwe he was immediately a target for the state. He was detained several times and badly tortured. // By the time I got into the van my upper lip was torn into two. My left eye was closed, swollen. I was bleeding. I was just bleeding, even at the back of the van. Then one police came to peep and asked why I was not taken to hospital and then they said, fuck him.

Notes: Goniwe’s funeral ; TRC testimony: Xolile Daniel Ntozini

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TRC Victims
A UDF supporter who was tortured in detention by members of the SAP in Middelburg, Cape, in January 1984. Mr Ntozini was involved in attempts to set up UDF structures in the area and charged with public violence.
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