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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 5, Time 19:25

We resigned on the 28th but our resignation was implemented on the 3rd of January. That whole time I was being ill treated. // I was bitter and that bitterness turned into … in changing my whole life. I lived like a recluse because I couldn’t trust anybody; I didn’t know what is happening around me, I feared humanity like anything. But after some years, as I said, I reconciled myself, I taught myself to forgive unless I be forgiven too. Now that I’ve appeared in the Truth Commission I felt like crying, very much so, because everything was vivid as if I see my mother’s funeral. That’s what was heart breaking. But with me the healing process started and I’m sure now that death … that they could identify the attackers of the late Matthew, because they were the fathers of the community. So, I’m sure the healing process is going to take up. Nobody now is busy querying who killed Matthew, because he was such an astounding, wonderful leader. He had such following and people were following him, even the surrounding towns, everybody was for UDF during that time.

Notes: TRC testimony: Doris Hermanus; Hermanus interviewed

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