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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 6, Time 22:16

It is often assumed that a religious person will be a man of peace. In that case something went horribly wrong with Zionist bishop Mbekezeni Khumalo of Tokoza after his daughter was raped in 1992. Khumalo formed a vigilante group in revenge, as well as for profit. As the Khumalo gang was soon side tracked into targeting ANC supporting youth, police on the East Rand made sure the ”bishop” was untouchable. The names of Khumalo and his gang were repeatedly mentioned by victims in last week’s Truth Commission hearings on the East Rand.

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TRC Final Report Glossary
The Khumalo gang 689 The Khumalo Gang, based in Thokoza, was another major participant in the East Rand conflict. By 1993, Reverend Mbhekisini Khumalo, leader of the gang, had been personally linked to at least nine murders and five attempted murders. The gang quickly became associated with the ...
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