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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 6, Time 22:56

Bishop Mbekizeni Khumalo has been appearing in unrest monitoring reports since 1991. The self styled Zionist bishop is fairly easy to track down. Drive past Tokoza police station, turn left, turn left again and there he is. Finding the bishop was too difficult for the police who have dozens of his dockets outstanding. It remains to be seen whether another man of the cloak, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, will do any better. So far the bishop has not been subpoenaed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to explain why his name crops up so often. // I won’t have time sorry // You won’t… // I won’t have time really // Tracking down the bishop is easy. Persuading him to speak is not. But that may be a problem because sources say that while Bishop Khumalo has not applied for amnesty, members of the Khumalo gang have. And there are many Tokoza residents who have spoken either to the media or to the Human Rights Violations Committee about Bishop Mbekizeni Khumalo.

Notes: Home of Bishop Khumalo; Concealed camera; Khumalo; Reporter

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