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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 6, Time 24:00

They didn’t seem to believe that Lucky was a student. Khumalo would come together with the police, the Boers, and they just didn’t care what damage they caused there. My youngest sister managed to run away from home because they were also assaulted during all those raids. // The man who shot you in the arm if you saw him again would you know who it was? // Yes, I know them. // Who was it? // Khumalo. // Lucky’s life had become very unstable because now he was scared of Khumalo and his gang. And most of the youngsters had to abandon their homes and seek some cover in order to run away from Khumalo. // … Was Bishop Khumalo the Zionist church, light of God something like that, Light of God Zionist Church… // … And they would come and kick the doors, break everything and demand to see Lucky. And I asked Khumalo as to whether they were policemen? Why were they looking for Lucky? They said they were police also.

Notes: TRC testimony: Buyisiwe Mampuru (sister); Mavuso family ; Dumelo Mavuso (victim); Buyisiwe Mampuru; Mfundisi Mavuso (victim); Buyisiwe Mampuru

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