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Special Report Transcript Episode 35, Section 6, Time 25:11

The one who had an AK47 was standing right at this door here shooting this way here. And the other four guys also were standing behind this shack here. They were also having their own guns, shooting through the window here. This window here. The bullet went in and burnt the bed and the wardrobes inside. From here, once the house was on fire, Dumelo my grandson came out of the door here, running away, escaping the fire. When he was here, he was shot on the arm here. So, his grandmother came to rescue him and she was also shot somewhere around here. They went up this way. // So I tried to help Dumelo, so I was shot also. I went running up to here. It’s where my leg couldn’t make it any longer, so I fell. From there I collapsed because I was bleeding a lot. I didn’t know what happened to the child, what happened to my husband.

Notes: Dumelo Mavuso’s grandfather; Dumelo’s grandmother; Dumelo shows the scar on his arm to camera

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