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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 36

22:39Several policemen have applied for amnesty in connection with the killing of Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko in September 1977. But Steve Biko was more than a martyr or a political leader. For his son Nkosinati he was the man who taught him how to fly a kite, the man who showed the neighbourhood children karate movies on the wall at the back of the house. Nkosinati recently published an open letter to his father. It should remind us that in dealing with truth and reconciliation we should not forget that we are actually talking about human beings.Full Transcript and References
23:15Should I begin with Dear Tata?’ Is that what I called you 19 years ago? It strikes me that now that I’m a man I do not have a name for you. You would have … me if I called you ‘daddy.’ You probably would have preferred something along the lines of Bra Steve, for that’s how you were. I was attending another funeral recently when I was thrown back in time. ‘uTata ufile’, said the speaker quoting the deceased’s six year old son. At this stage I no longer bothered to sing, so strong were the feelings that overtook me. The picture I saw before me was a carbon copy of the day we put you to rest. Nineteen years ago I’m said to have uttered exactly these words, albeit in a manner less refined and more suitable to a child of six. ‘Amabunu izinja babulele uTata’ the Boers are dogs, they’ve killed my father. I’d like to believe that my childhood naivety insulated me against the full impact of your death. My nature is quiet and my manner shy. That I had to indicate ...moreFull Transcript
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