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Special Report Transcript Episode 37, Section 3, Time 06:02

Brian Ngqulunga was a frail, pathetic looking person, human being. He took him, he beat him up and when Brian lost consciousness he picked him up, he threw him up in the sky and when Brian landed with this certain thud, he jumped. You know, if you know De Kock, he’s a big guy with a big torso. He jumped several times in the face of Ngqulunga. Ngqulunga told him that he wanted to get out of Vlakplaas, he wanted to go and work at Fortis, at the head office and he didn’t want people to run away from him. Brian was a family friend; he was not just a fellow askari. He was more than that. He was a family friend, I knew him extremely well. You know, he was frail; he drank too much, the whole exposure into the media worked into his mind. He couldn’t take it. He was on the verge of complete breakdown and as a result he shot his wife three times, his pregnant wife. There was a meeting; I think it was the final briefings. It was on Friday because I had to go and testify on Monday. The Friday before I went to testify there was a meeting in General Engelbrecht’s office and Nick van Rensburg was also there and De Kock was there, a lot of guys were there. Concern was raised about Brian Ngqulunga’s behaviour and his drinking problem and that he’s becoming progressively agitated and nervous and they were afraid that in this condition he’ll jeopardize the police case in the Harms Commission. And De Kock suggested that Brian should be killed, he should be eliminated and Van Dyk suggested I should do it because I’m very much close to Brian. And I expressed my reservations because I didn’t see Brian as a political enemy to be killed, he was a friend, a family friend and I showed my absolute reservations. And Brigadier van Rensburg said okay they must leave Brian until he testifies and then they can kill him, after that. They will shoot two birds with one stone, that is they will get rid of Brian and at the same time they will swing the judge’s decision, because they were going to make it appear as though it’s ANC that killed Brian. And they did exactly that.

Notes: Joe Mamasela

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