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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 6 of Episode 37

15:37At this rate the Amnesty Committee will have little hope of completing their task before the end of November. But the five amnesty applicants did get the chance to give evidence about some of their other actions. In 1983 Brigadier Jack Cronje led an attack of Vlakplaas men into Swaziland. They executed the ANC military commander in Natal, Zweli Nyanda and an ANC soldier, Keith MacFadden. Nyanda was the brother of the present chief of staff of the National Defence Force, General Siphiwe Nyanda.Full Transcript and References
16:10At approximately 1 am that morning we went to Manzini and we initially attacked the house with stun grenades. All of us were involved. When we launched our attack, lights were switched on inside the house and I could see Nyanda moving, running from one room in the house to another and also running down the passage. Someone shot him in his legs form outside, I cannot remember exactly who that was. Thereafter he went into the bathroom where he locked the door. Someone else who was in the house, in the bedroom at that stage jumped out of the window and ran away. Almond Nofemela shot at the man and injured Jeff Bosigo in his ankle in the process. I shot the door of the house open and when I kicked the door open there was a man in the kitchen who had just come from the passage into the kitchen. He was wrapped in a blanket. He jumped up and ran down the passage immediately. I went after him and I kicked open the door of the bedroom he had fled into. The light was on and I started shooting ...moreFull Transcript
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