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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 8 of Episode 37

21:19Chris Ribeiro’s parents were shot and killed at their home on December 1, 1986. His mother Florence died in his arms. Doctor Fabian Ribeiro was a much loved general practitioner in Mamelodi. In the police files he was called a high profile terrorist. Chris knew then his parents were murdered by members of the security forces. The government vehemently denied any involvement. Now Jack Cronje and Jacques Hechter want amnesty for their involvement in the murders. But they say they didn’t kill them and they don’t know who did. And if Fabian Ribeiro was a so-called terrorist why was Florence Ribeiro murdered? Chris Ribeiro has not progressed much in his search for the truth. Full Transcript and References
22:09I saw three people running out of my home towards this orange Cadet, which I certainly earlier seen, that was now parked alongside my home. So I ran to the Cadet, opened the driver’s door, I was grappling with him, trying to pull him out when someone seated in the rear left hand seat fired three shots at me. As he pointed the gun at me I saw his hand. They were all wearing balaclavas, so I saw his hand and it was definitely a white man or white person. When this car had sped past me, I then ran back home with the intention of telling my parents that some thieves had just shot at me. I found my father sprawled at the drain in the courtyard with what seemed to be 20, 25 bullet holes in his head and my mother lying spread-eagled in the courtyard. She seemed to have been shot once only. I tried… I knew my father was dead, I could see that he was dead because he was already turning blue, but still I tried talking to him, to try to resuscitate him. Then I went to my mother, she didn’t ...moreFull Transcript
25:36The instruction came from head office that the security branch together with special forces had to work together to eliminate Ribeiro. Doctor Ribeiro’s high profile was underground. He was much more intelligent than the youth. He became involved with the terrorists and providing finance and the support. He was the brain behind the problem as far as I am concerned and as far as my head office was concerned. I had nothing to do with the execution of the murder, I was never really part of the hit squad, although I knew and was kept abreast of everything and was to an extent part of things, but I was not really part of the execution on that day. I did not pull any trigger.Full Transcript
26:25At the end of Hechter and Cronje’s evidence we only know that there was an elaborate cover-up and that Fabian and Florence Ribeiro were murdered by unknown members of the army’s special forces unit. For a process designed to uncover the truth this was not a very successful exercise.Full Transcript
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