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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 38

07:38Perhaps Hechter and Van Vuuren had a political motive or were under police orders to kill Sergeant Motasi in which case they could get amnesty. But Irene Motasi was a nurse with no political affiliations. Why was she killed? During last week’s hearing the amnesty applicants also explained that Mamelodi doctor Fabian Ribeiro was killed because he posed a political threat. The question was then also asked why did they also have to kill Mrs. Florence Ribeiro.Full Transcript
08:10My mother went about her daily chores as a business woman. A mother and a housewife that was what she was doing. // I do not know if they had instruction to eliminate her as well but I think it was as a result of her activities. She would have been targeted by the Defence Force, I cannot say how their thoughts went, she could have been an innocent bystander. I cannot say. If I had executed the operation I would also have killed her. // I understood that the two were together and that both were shot. I cannot explain why she was shot but they were together and I believe that because they were together she was shot.Full Transcript
09:07You said you would not have approved of the assassination of Mrs. Ribeiro, you would not have approved of it. You heard about it later and did nothing. So yesterday you told us you would not have approved of it. Now you are telling us, you can’t recollect, you can’t recollect, you can’t recollect. Which is the truth? Is it that you knew nothing about her activities and would not have approved of her assassination as you told us yesterday? // It is possible that at that stage I could not recall if Mrs. Ribeiro was active in any way. // At what stage, yesterday you couldn’t recall? Because yesterday you gave us specific evidence on her and on your reaction. I just read it to you, would you like me to read it again? ‘I would not have approved of the assassination of Mrs. Ribeiro. I would not have approved of it. I heard about it later and I did nothing.’ That’s what you told us yesterday.Full Transcript
10:12Why did they kill Irene? Because Irene didn’t do nothing, she was screaming asking for help. Why did she scream and ask for help if there was nothing going on in the bedroom?Full Transcript
10:27Captain Hechter instructed me to go and fetch Mamasela. I went to the room where Mamasela was and instructed him to come. I heard shots but did not see who shot or who was shot. I was informed by Mamasela that Mamasela had shot the woman because she had seen him. It wasn’t strange to me that somebody would have recognized Mamasela, because Mamasela and I were good friends and he had told me that he would undergo plastic surgery at the expense of the state.Full Transcript
11:23We’ve heard a lot of evidence about how you people went into houses and you saw some person there you didn’t know so you killed them. // [We heard such evidence] // So wasn’t it important to find out who was in a house? How many people were there? Whether there were innocent people there or did you intend to kill everybody you found? // No, that was not our intention. As I said it was our intention to eliminate the policeman.Full Transcript
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