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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 5 of Episode 39

16:04In April 1990 a large squad of Vlakplaas operatives and Western Transvaal security police led by Eugene de Kock set off on a midnight mission into Botswana. Their target was the home and shop of Sam Chan also referred to as Kahn. This week Wouter Mentz sought amnesty for his role in the murders of Chand, his wife, two children and a night watchman.Full Transcript and References
16:33We expected to find, at this house, to find terrorists there who would be over nighting there. The target would be eliminated due to the fact that it was necessary to prevent the passage of terrorists across the border. These terrorists were at that stage responsible for hand grenade explosions, land mine explosions, death of innocent civilians and also other acts of terror. I later heard that an Indian man, his wife and two children had been killed in this operation or died in the operation. They were sleeping, they were shot; explosives were placed in the house. Yes, Willie Nortje now works for National Intelligence, he’s also a state witness and he was one of the people who went into the house. I personally would not have shot an innocent child there, but as I have already testified I didn’t go into the dwelling house, I was just securing the area around the house. Quite a while after the operation, I will say approximately three or four weeks afterwards, Willie Nortje came to ...moreFull Transcript
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